We invite all guests to extend an invitation to their family and friends to join them at the 2020 Annual Leadership Conference! 
Please check back to find updates on activities, programs, and family-friendly experiences that will be happening at the conference.

Inaugural Teen Track

This year, we look forward to unveiling our first track for teenagers. Designed for mature middle school and high school students, our programming will utilize much of the information and content from Heritage’s leadership development curriculum imparted to our nearly 200 yearly interns. In sharing a foundation based on conservative thought and the history of the movement, our team looks forward to training students in how to effectively communicate their opinions in factual and winsome ways.


We also plan to have several fun teen social outings for the students throughout the conference—like outdoor activities along the waterfront, and tennis!


Our meals throughout the meeting—Thursday’s Welcome Reception; Friday’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and Saturday’s brunch, dinner, and dessert reception—are all family-minded, and the younger children participating in the Ritz Kids programs are welcome to attend, too.

The Ritz Kids Program 

The Lake Oconee Ritz Kids experiences turn one of the top vacation resorts into an imagination-filled odyssey by providing your child with enthralling activities to reward their interest in the beauty and workings of the world we live in. The different programs offer a variety of supervised physical and creative activities designed especially for children aged 5-12. Offering full or half-day options, Ritz Kids has something for every child.

Full Day $110 (includes lunch)
Half Day $85
Ritz Kids Night Out $85Friday and Saturday (includes dinner)

For more information and to reserve your spot for your child, please visit The Ritz Kids program page.

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an invitation code that you can use to register your family and friends! 
If you have questions regarding registering your family or friend, please contact Special Events department at
(202) 608-1524 or specialevents@heritage.org. 

Adults (over 21) - $1,000
Children (under 21) - $500